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Deck Wash

Deck Wash is an easy to use deck cleaner that will clean and restore your deck without toxic chemicals that can destroy your plants and grass.

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This Eco-Safe deck cleaner is just what you need to clean your deck or to prepare it for staining or water sealing. Deck Wash not only cleans the wood decking but restores the wood to a "like new" color tone, removing the gray weathered wood fibers. No chemical odors, non damaging to plants or grass, not harmful for your pets or children this Deck wash is the ultimate deck cleaner. This video below shows you the entire deck cleaning process, the deck in the video is made of expensive mahogany wood, you will notice how the color comes back to the mahogany decking. Deck wash works on all types of wood decking. Deck Wash will also dissolve old deck stain so that it can be cleaned and re-stained.

Green Rating: 9 out of 10 (there is no perfect “10” when any solution other than H2O (water) is entering the environment) This product is made from hydrogen peroxide there is no chemical odors or fumes. Deck Wash will not harm plants or grass and it’s safe to use over water, it biodegrades very rapidly only hours after use. Deck Wash will not harm people or pets, it will not stain other surfaces and is both safe and highly effective

Deck Wash is formulated to penetrate wood and uses oxygen bubbles to extract debris from the decking so it can be easily cleaned off. Use of Deck Wash and a power washer will greatly lengthen the amount of time your deck will remain clean with a great new look that you just worked so hard to provide. Deck Wash will remove surface stains caused by mold and mildew.

We chose to make our Deck Wash in a powder concentrate for a few reasons. The first reason is when the Deck Wash is mixed with water you are receiving 100% cleaning strength. If you have bought liquid deck cleaners before and were not happy with results it was probably because the product was old and was very weak. Liquid cleaners are only good for about 12 months after manufacturing. Liquid cleaners can contain up to 95% water and each day after production they become weaker and weaker. Our powder products have no expiration date, you could use the Deck Wash again next year and the year after and still have 100% strength. Shipping products in a concentrated form is also a "green" method of shipping.

Deck Wash is available in 4 different sizes, there is a drop down menu near the photo of the bottle of Deck Wash near the top of this page, it is pre-set to 2LB just click on it to see the other sizes. How much do you need?

2LB costs $24.95, makes 8 gallons of cleaner and cleans 6-800 sq. ft.

4LB cost $34.95, makes 16 gallons of cleaner and cleans 12-1600 sq. ft.

10LB cost $65.00, makes 40 gallons of cleaner and cleans 3-4,000 sq. ft.

40LB contractor bucket cost $205.00, makes 160 gallons of cleaner and cleans 12-16,000 sq. ft.

After You clean your deck, protect it with the highest quality deck sealer available, it's called Deck Seal and you can purchase it right here at Wash Safe Industries.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Uses Use as a cleaner or use before staining or water sealing. Deck Wash is great on mahogany, teak, pine, cedar, pressure treated or any type of wood. Great on decks, fences, docks, furniture, or any exterior wood surface.
Coverage Every 2lbs of product will clean 600-800 sq. ft.
Directions Add ½ cup per gallon of water, mix well, stirring frequently, allow the solution to fully activate for 15 minutes prior to use. Apply product with "garden-style" pump sprayer or mop, scrub with brush, keep area moist with product while brushing and rinse with water. For top "professional" results and for decks that haven't been cleaned for a long time use a pressure washer instead of scrub brush and hose.
Features You can use our Deck Wash to safely and easily clean your deck and you can rest easy knowing that it won't harm your plants or produce noxious, stinging fumes. If you are having troubles with your composite decking, try our Composite Deck Wash. If you've cleaned your deck and you want to protect it, check out our Sealers and Stains section.


A Big Thanks To YouReview by Gene Alston
Hi John, Gene here. Man I'm so proud of my deck and I owe you a big thanks. Your product is phenomenal! People who have seen it since I finished are saying, "is that a new deck?" I myself can't believe what I was able to do, beginning with your product. It not only replenished the wood and brought out it's natural color and grain, it removed the old stain. Some areas required the use of a good deck brush and a brief sanding, but your product did most of the work.

Want to thank you again for this green product. I worked in water-shoes, shorts, didn't need gloves and there was no fumes or harm to our plants and flowers. No irritation to my skin or eyes.

If you ever need a testimonial, be glad to write one for you. Or did I just do that? I love it when a product lives up to, or exceeds its advertisements. Wash-Safe surely did!

Thanks again,

Hayward Calif.

PS. Ever want a west-coast product rep, let me know. (Posted on 7/11/2012)
AWESOME PRODUCT Review by Peter Sporano
I was really amazed how your deck cleaner took the old stain off the deck. We were told that we needed to use a paint stripper but there was no way we using such a toxic product as paint stripper. With just one product we stripped the deck and cleaned the deck, you should advertise that it is a 2 in 1 product (stripper and cleaner). We try our best to only use "green" cleaning products, this really worked exceptionally well. (Posted on 7/10/2012)
best deck cleaner ive ever usedReview by Pamela Wallwick
I bought a liquid deck cleaning product from Home Depot, when it did absolutely nothing i brought it back and exchanged it for another product that the salesmen recommended would "definitely work", when that didn't work i got my money back and set out to find something online. that's when i found your Deck Wash and life was good! it worked and very well. Our deck was full of stains caused by mold and the wood looked really old and weathered. it's clean now and the wood looks great. I'm convinced that the best quality product are from companies like yours that need to produce a product that works in order to survive, where the big companies don't care if the make a refund or not, all they care about is sales and all we get from them is well marketed but watered down, ineffective solutions. I'll never buy cleaning products from those big box stores again! thank you very much you have a customer for life, please use my story where ever you can, the customers need to know what a great product you produce. (Posted on 7/5/2012)
Surpassed my exspectationsReview by Brian Ackley
I have used this product on decks covered with mold stains. It surpassed my expectations by leaps and bounds!! After you use these chemicals you will never buy anywhere else. I will be a returning customer and provider of a great service for decks using only the best products from wash safe industries!!
With Great Respect,
Brian Ackley (Posted on 7/3/2012)
deck wash is a life saverReview by F Rivera
I recently bought a house with a 20 year old deck that showed signs that it had never been taken care of - never cleaned, never stained, never sealed. The wood was uniformly dark green, nearly black. I actually anticipated that within a year or two the deck would probably need to be replaced. I bought Deck Wash, hoping that it would just even slightly improve my deck. When I bought it, the store clerk told me to make sure to read the directions very well, that some people weren't satisfied with the results, but probably due to not following the instructions. Now a bit apprehensive after the clerk's warning, I mixed the solution in a 5 gallon bucket, and let it activate for 15 minutes. Then applied it to the deck i waited for 15 minutes then started power washing. Before what looked like un-salvageable wood, is a brand new deck that just needing to be cleaned and sealed. Don't give up on your old deck it can be revived! (Posted on 7/2/2012)
holy cow did this workReview by Cameron
I can't believe I wasted my money on all the store brand cleaners. I'll admit I was skeptical because I wasn't familiar with Wash Safe but WOW did this work. My deck looks brand new. When I called in to tell these guys how much I loved the product they suggested I keep going and seal my deck. I can't wait to see how it comes out. THANKS!!! (Posted on 4/26/2012)

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