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AlumKlean works fast, allowing aluminum oxidation stains to be easily washed clean.

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AlumKlean is made to clean "painted" aluminum, AlumKlean removes black streaks and stains consistant with a naturally occuring process called "aluminum oxidation". AlumKlean does not clean and brighten bare aluminum (we are currently formulating a new product to clean "bare" aluminum so please check back if that is what you were looking for).

Aluminum, why doesn't it clean the way every other surface does? Why can't you get it clean? What are the black stripes, black streaks or black stains? And why can't you clean them off?

We were painting our house a couple years ago, the gutters had black streaks on them, I later found out they refer to those streaks on gutters as "tiger striping" anyhow I got some soap and water and tried to clean the gutters, nothing happened so I broke out the pressure washer and started out with 1,000 PSI and again nothing happened so I turned it all the way up to 4,000 PSI and nothing happened, it was still as dirty as the minute I began. I went to the garage and grabbed some TSP, diesel fuel, paint thinner and bleach, I tried them all, nothing happened and I wasted half the day trying, I hate failing but I did that day, I gave in and just painted the gutters. I have heard versions of this same story told from people who all had one thing in common and it was not gutters, it was that they all were trying to clean aluminum. Aluminum on the soffit and fascia, aluminum siding, aluminum pool enclosures, pull behind aluminum trailers, boat pontoons, aluminum/alloy wheels and live in trailers.

So what is it and why can't we clean it? It's a form of electrostatic bonding and the fact that the aluminum is being oxidized or has been oxidized. It's a natural occurrence when aluminum is outside in the elements and it does not take long, new gutters or any new aluminum will start staining in a few short weeks. The only way to clean the aluminum is to break the bond "deoxidize" the aluminum. With the right chemical mixture, the aluminum can be simply wiped clean, pour a little on a rag and the gutter or dirty aluminum wipes perfectly clean. It's amazing! If you reading this you probably have lost some serious time and sweat to trying to clean some type of aluminum and when you purchase this product and give it a try, you are going to sit back and laugh at how easy the aluminum comes clean.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Uses AlumKlean cleans the oxidation stains from painted aluminum.
  • Our 32oz product cleans 60 linear feet
  • For each gallon, you can clean 200-250 linear feet
Directions Use AlumKlean straight out of the bottle, apply with a rag, sponge or spray bottle and wipe with a clean cloth.
Features Like all of our "green" cleaning products, AlumKlean will not harm plants or grass or create harmful stinging fumes.


worked great on my screem enclosure.Review by bob
it was always hard to get the stains off my screen enclosure. with alumklean i just sprayed it on and used my power washer to clean it up when i was power washing my enclosure. great stuff. (Posted on 10/17/2012)
Was not what I expectedReview by Stewart 14
Bough a some of this stuff,Didnt work that great, (Posted on 11/13/2011)
Worked better then other products.Review by Sean Stiles
AlumKlean worked better then the product I was using cleaning the outside of gutters, and all other painted aluminum surfaces. (Posted on 9/27/2011)
I use this product commercially.Review by Ryan Burgess
I use this product commercialy and I have never had an unhappy customer. They are always amazed and say "I have new gutters" (Posted on 8/10/2011)
WOWReview by matt b
All I gotta say is WoW!!! (Posted on 6/23/2011)
I stocked up.Review by Ed Lovell
I bought enough for a few years it's all I have ever found to clean the aluminum trim and pool enclosure. (Posted on 10/5/2010)
Cleaned outside of my gutters.Review by Arnold Blake
I had my doubts but it cleaned the outside of my gutters with ease, no scrubbing, just spray and wipe. (Posted on 9/23/2010)
Worth the price.Review by Dave Bloom
Expensive but worth it. (Posted on 9/2/2010)

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