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Cedar Wash

This safe and easy to use Cedar cleaner will restore and clean your cedar siding or cedar shake roof to like new condition.

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This hydrogen peroxide based formulation continues to receive compliment after compliment for its wood brightening properties. The alternative has always been chlorine bleach or TSP but the problem with those cleaners are that they leave the wood surface with a very unnatural bleached look, it also rarely comes out uniformly clean, more often than not it has a "blotchy" look that looks as if a bucket of bleach was thrown on the house.

As you can see if you click on the thumbnail photo's above the cedar siding and roofing shingles come out uniformly clean, our Cedar cleaning product does not contain bleach nor does it require bleach to be added. Cedar Wash comes in a powdered form that when mixed with water creates millions of tiny little bubbles; these bubbles loosen all the old dead wood particles to be easily washed off along with any stains from mold. Our secret is the natural adhesives that we added to keep the product on vertical or steep pitched surfaces long enough to clean before running off. If your cedar had an old stain or sealer on them, the Cedar Wash will penetrate it, dissolving the old stain enough to be washed off. A light brushing with a scrub brush and a hose powered rinse is all that is needed to clean up your cedar shakes or shingles and save them from rotting away.

Using a garden hose and deck brush is one way of cleaning the cedar but it is slow, using a pressure washer is much faster. The key to pressure washing cedar is the pressure and the nozzle on the end of the pressure washer. Stock pressure washing nozzles put out a very sharp stream of pressure if you get the wand to close to the cedar you will leave a scar.To much pressure is also bad, often dislodging or cracking the shingles or shakes. We recommend a nozzle called the soft tip that we had made for our cleaning technicians back when we had the cleaning company. We figured that if we could not teach the guys to avoid scarring the wood we could make a tip that would make it impossible to scar the wood. The Soft Tip has an "open mouth" the water comes out just like a hose nozzle, this open mouth reduce pressure by 75%. you could clean with 2,000psi and by adding the Soft Tip reduce pressure to about 500psi. We highly recommend adding a soft tip to your pressure washer when cleaning cedar.

Unlike chlorine bleach and TSP the Cedar Wash will not harm the vegetation around the house, it also will not stain any painted surface or any fabric that it may come in contact with.

Cedar Wash works great on all types of cedar or any type of natural wood. Use it to clean fences, decks, furniture, cedar siding or roofing, barn board and log homes.

When you have completed your cleaning, let it dry for 48 hours and then apply our Cedar Seal to protect it. If you like the look of new cedar or just cleaned cedar, keep that look by coating the cedar with the natural tinted Cedar Seal or if you prefer a color we have many stock colors to chose from, click here and read all about it.

Got a question about Cedar Wash? Post it here!

Additional Info

Additional Info

Uses Very ideal for removing Moss, Mildew, Lichen or Black algae stains from cedar siding, or other cedar wood surfaces.

2lbs will treat 600-800 sq ft
4lbs will treat 1,200-1,600 sq ft
10lbs will treat 3,000-4,000 sq ft
40lbs will treat 12,000-16,000 sq ft

Directions Add 1/2 cup per gallon of water, mix well, stirring frequently, allow solution to fully activate for 15 minutes prior to use. To clean stains caused by moss without rinsing just apply and leave the rain will do the rinsing. Allow 60 days to pass before reapplying if needed. For instant results removing stains caused by moss, mold or black algae apply with a pump sprayer or other other spraying methods and use a pressure washer at low speed to rinse-- although this is the optimal method, a scrub brush and hose may be substituted.
Features This product is made from hydrogen peroxide, there is no chemical odors or fumes, it will not harm plants or grass, it’s safe to use over water, it biodegrades very rapidly only hours after use, it will not harm people or pets, it will not stain other surfaces, it’s both safe and highly effective.



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