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Zinc Roof Defense Contractor Roll

Attention contractors: if you are not selling zinc to your roof cleaning customers you are missing out on 20-30% of profit on each job.

PLEASE call 888 908 9274 to order Contractor Sized rolls of roof zinc. We sell it by the pound, your price will vary depending on the roll.

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Attention contractors: if you are not selling zinc to your roof cleaning customers you are missing out on 20-30% of profit on each job. Roof zinc is installed at an average rate of $4.00-5.00 per foot at a contractor price of .75 per foot to buy; installing just 60 feet of zinc would yield an extra $195.00-255.00. It can turn a $500.00 roof cleaning into a $750.00 day.

Zinc sells itself, every homeowner can conclude that spending (in the example above) an extra $250 they can solve their roof cleaning problems for a very long time or they can continue to pay $500.00 every time the roof needs cleaning.

From the homeowners point of view it's a "no brainer" it just doesn't make sense not to buy the zinc. From the contractor’s point of view they lose a possible repeat customer, the contractor wants to clean that roof again; selling them the roof zinc would surely eliminate those plans.

As a contractor you need to decide if you want the money today or tomorrow, who knows if that customer will still own that house when it needs cleaning again, maybe they will hire somebody else to clean the roof next time, maybe they will do it themselves. Would you really turn down $250 today for a chance that you will make $500 down the road? Our advice is to take the money and offer your customers the Zinc Roof Defense.

Additional Info

Additional Info


Installation: Apply zinc to the first full course of shingles below the ridge cap from end to end and also below any obstruction like skylights. The Idea is to let the water run down over the zinc so do not tuck to much up under the shingles above it. It's best to butt the zinc up to the shingle above keeping most of it exposed. Each roll of roof zinc comes with 50 galvanized roof nails that have a rubber washer around the nail head to prevent leaks. Face nail the zinc every 2-4ft and also apply a construction adhesive like "Liquid Nails" behind the zinc to help ensure a permanent bond.

The photo below shows a recently cleaned roof that has had our Zinc Defense applied. Notice the strip that runs along the ridge line of the roof and the strips below the skylights, that is what correct application should look like, it looks uniform, it runs the ridge line and is below every roof obstruction.

Zinc Roof



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